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About us
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SUNLIKY INDUSTRY LTD. is a leading provider of plastic piping systems in china. We are built on operating philosophies that include commitments to high quality, low cost and excellent customer service.
SUNLIKY can offer you full ranges of plastic piping systems in PE, PVC, PP or other plastic material.Our products are available for the following fields of application:
Water treatment
Swimming pool
Agriculture and Irrigation system
Landfill engineering
Gas transfer
Industrial pipeline construction
Chemical process industry
Telecom cable line
Desalination project

SUNLIKY have several plants to produce plastic piping products in South China.in our plants,we use advanced technology and equipment to manufacture our products.

SUNLIKY pay attention to each process of production. the quality of our products is most important for us.we,therefore,assemble full sets of testing apparatus in our laboratory.these testing processes assure our finished pipe fittings with high quality.

SUNLIKYs mission: through our innovation in every field and improvement at work, we supply our best local products to global customers.